Following on from Pt.1 I’ve manage to know more about automotive bodywork process which is both elaborate and expensive

like what these guys do on how to properly sculpt a clay model of a car manually in a design studio of BMW besides I have no skills in sculpting. I have also see a TV show where they also use this process and I further understand how they make a custom bodykit out of fiberglass from their sculpted mold and the process is easy after a sculpted mold is created. In order for me to skip this step of the sculpting process I thought of an another solution to create my own custom bodykit. An alternative solution that I’ve got is to acquire an accurate 3D model of the ride and just feed it to a CNC router to sculpt it automatically. Luckily I’ve acquired an 3D model of my dream ride. There are many process to this test prototype model.   

The first step I done in this process is I extract the 3D model of the rides bodykit.

Secondly, I converted this model to a Google Sketchup model in which the file type the CNC software can recognize.

For testing if the CNC software can recognize and process this 3D image, I’ve edited the bodywork and only left it’s right fender flare for faster processing.

After processing the 3D image from Google Sketchup the output of the preview machined piece from the CNC software is nice like what I need, an accurate bodywork without the hassle of the sculpting. Another problem for me is where can I get an affordable CNC router machine that can easily do this job and my father can use as well and add it to his collection of his woodworking machines and continue his hobby in woodworking because the professorial type of these machines are very expensive like the one my video SHAPE IT UP earlier in the post. I think of if there’s CNC router machine plan/kit available. Because I think my father can handle the fabrication of components and I am in charge of the electronic components which are just motors, controllers and a computer. So stay tuned for the 3rd part of this build.